Office Ergonomic Assessments

Pacific Ergonomics provides full-service on-site ergonomic assessments in office, labs and industrial settings. Our ergonomic evaluations help decrease the risk of injury, improve employee productivity and minimize the risk of musculoskeletal injuries (MSD).

We also offer home office telehealth ergonomic assessments, and home office ergonomic assessments for companies all over the United States.

Our Methodology

Pacific Ergonomics adheres to sound, scientifically proven ergonomic principles to reduce or prevent injury in the workplace. When we conduct an ergonomic evaluation, our goal is to produce results—that will benefit your business and employees will adopt as part of their daily tasks. Our team schedules 20-30 minute evaluations and will complete them in a timely manner.

Workplace Evaluations

Every ergonomic evaluation is customized so that each employee’s workstation is designed to prevent discomfort and avoid injury. Ergonomic evaluations can be applied to:

  • Employee groups
  • Individual employees
  • An injured employee returning to work (workstation can be adapted to prevent increased injury and general discomfort)
  • Satellite or remote employees that work from home

Benefits of Ergonomic Evaluations

22584222_mAn injured employee, experiencing pain or discomfort will perform their daily tasks with more difficulty and reduced efficiency. Our team of ergonomic specialists can perform ergonomic evaluations to augment a company’s safety protocols, in order to reduce or eliminate an employee’s pain or discomfort.
Ergonomic evaluations are part of a critical process for employers in reducing workers compensation claims. All of our ergonomic evaluations are documented by use of thorough and detailed reports, and are useful to human resource departments for tracking and reporting purposes.


When companies incorporate an ergonomics program, they can expect dramatic improvements throughout their entire workforce. Reduced workplace injuries and related costs, and increased productivity are some of the immediate benefits.

For more information about how our ergonomic assessments can benefit your workforce, please call or email us today.