Ergonomic Assessments

Pacific Ergonomics, Inc. in San Diego California has provided thousands and thousands of ergonomic evaluations for over 20 years. Our ergonomic assessment evaluations empower employees to be happy, healthy, productive and feel great while working. At the same time, they reduce the risk of injury and Workers Comp claims, increase morale, reduce absenteeism and make employees more productive. 

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Evaluations

22584222_mAn Employee Who is in Discomfort:
An injured employee who is experiencing pain or discomfort will perform their daily tasks with more difficulty and with reduced efficiency. If an MSD isn’t treated early, it gets worse. The likelihood of sick days and Workers Comp claims increase.

Evaluations help reduce the risk of MSDs getting worse and turning into full-blown Workers Comp cases. 

Pro-active Care to Prevent Future Problems: 
Employees who are not reporting discomfort but are who not working within the correct layout and/or are not using the proper postures, and/or  and/or do have the right equipment or the products they have isn’t positioned correctly,  are all at greater risk of having discomfort in the future. Ergonomic office assessments can prevent employees from having discomfort and pain. 

Preventative ergonomic assessments augment a company’s safety protocols, while also reducing an employee’s exposure to risk factors that if unattended to would likely create a discomfort.  

Bottom-Line Results of Ergonomic Assessments 

  • Decreased absenteeism rates
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease the risk of costly Worker Comp claims
  • Increase morale
  • Enable employee to feel happier and feel better
  • Comfortable employees can work longer and harder

Why Do Employees Need Evaluations? 

The reason is, proper ergonomics is not that easy. People are different sizes, weights, proportions and have unique habits and job tasks.

  • Combine that with it is hard to diagnose yourself as you are close to it all.
  • Technology has complicated ergonomics. There are cell phones, tablets, laptops, one, two and three monitors with different desk heights.
  • Different equiptment is mixed together which  unique challenges.

Professional ergonomists are trained and skilled in this niche area of safety.  Employees are often shocked by seeing “before” and “after” pictures of their posture and work station having no idea that they have a great deal of control to be comfortable. 

Unique Methodology That Drives Results

Proper change management is critical to creating lasting positive change. Our team incorporates best practices with effective change management when conducting one-on-one office assessments.

Employees are not interested in moving their keyboard closer and learning how to properly adjust their chair so that their company has lower Workers Comp claims.

All employees are interested in feeling good so it helps them with their life. This may be so they can play ball with their son after school. Or perhaps so they can be most productive in their job so they get that raise they were hoping for. It is personal and we understand that employees have to know how it benefits them to want to change. 

An employee can learn all about proper office ergonomics, identify risk factors and be given the best solutions possible, but if an employee doesn’t embrace the change, progress is halted. Literally employees will move a keyboard further away that an ergonomist explained 1 hour before that it would be better to move it closer if they don’t understand how it directly will help them. 

With our approach, your employees will be excited at the outcome that the recommendations could have for them and will be in a better position to sustain over time.

Types of Ergonomic Evaluations, Consulting and Assessments

Pacific Ergonomics offers several different types of ergonomic assessments for offices, home office, labs, hospitals, housekeepers, hotels, manufacturing  and industrial settings.

Our services can be implemented for: 

  • Employee groups
  • Individual employees
  • When moving to a new office and want to make sure everyone is properly adjusted to the new space and/or equiptment.
  • Proactive “quick check” assessments designed to provide one-on-one guidance to every employee at an office location
  • An injured employee returning to work (workstation can be adapted to prevent increased injury and general discomfort)
  • Satellite or remote employees that work from home
  • Learn more about the different types of assessments

20 Years of Repeat Business for Ergonomic Assessments and Office Evaluations

Pacific Ergonomics in San Diego CA. is proud to have repeat business and longevity of client retention that is unprecedented. We work with business clients all over San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. We also provide virtual evaluations all over the U.S.

The reason for our high repeat business is we care and we provide the most experienced ergonomic consultants in San Diego with excellent, personalized service.

Pacifice Ergonomics also has vast expertise in procuring the  best of class ergonomic products that will help employees achieve their goals in the most cost effective fashion.

Our clients can purchase any recommended products easily online and with the assurance that they are high-quality products and the right products for their employees.  

Areas we Serve:
Our on-site ergonomic consultation services are available with experienced professional and certified ergonomists. Our clients are located all over Southern California including San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs and Los Angeles. We also offer virtual office and home office evaluations all over the U.S., in addition to project work with teams. 

Industries We Serve:
Our professional consultants work in diverse industries such as: healthcare/hospitals, bio-tech, law firms, universities and colleges, software companies, insurance companies, telecommunications, laboratories, city entities, military and environmental.

Expectations and Next Steps

When companies incorporate an ergonomics program, they can expect dramatic improvements throughout their entire workforce. Reduced workplace injuries and related costs, and increased productivity are some of the immediate benefits.

For more information about how our ergonomic assessments can benefit your workforce, please call or email us today. 619-546-0872 Ext 101 Ask for Annie