Ergonomic Installation Services

Pacific Ergonomics, Inc. is a full service provider of San Diego ergonomic installation, product and consulting services. Our ergo trained technicians are well versed and skilled in ergonomics so they will be able to properly adjust the workstation to ensure that the ergonomists goals and recommendations are carried through.

Proper ergonomic installation services are critically important to ensuring that an employee reduces discomfort and/or prevents risk in the first place.

FACT: An ergonomist can recommend the best solution possible to help an employee, but if the ergonomic products are not installed correctly and/or the ergonomic tools, chairs, desks, monitor arms, footstools, keyboard trays etc are not properly sized to be ergonomically correct, then the employee will not achieve their goals.

Ergonomic Trained Technician Installations

Most technicians in the furniture industry who install office furniture do not have any training or knowledge in how to install and then size it to be ergonomically correct for that user’s needs.

At Pacific Ergonomics, our trained ergonomic installation technicians understand what the ergonomists are recommending as they talk with them every day. They receive training on ergonomics and certifications. They understand that a monitor arm can’t just be installed anywhere, it has to be adjusted so the user’s eyes are looking at the top of the monitor.

We can partner with your company to not only provide ergonomic consultants to do assessments, product sourcing to ensure you receive the best of class products, but ergonomic installation services and fittings to ensure the solutions are most effective.

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