Commercial Design and Space Planning

Functional is beutiful

Design and Ergonomics-Reinvent What is Possible

Pacific Ergonomics, Inc. provides ergonomic interior office design and space planning services nationwide with virtual renderings for our clients.
Our goal is to help create a beautiful office that is also functional, promotes productivity, and helps employees feel great working. Our specialty is a modern design combined with ergonomics. We seek functional, practical, and healthy workspaces where employees will thrive with maximized performance and long-term well-being.

Creating Healthy, Functional Spaces That Are Also Beautiful is Our Specialty

Our design services include 
Our commercial designer first seeks to understand your goals. This is a combination of the design and function that you want to have in the space
Once we understand your design goals, our team is able to provide an estimated project proposal and an hourly rate.
All designs include ergonomic vetting to ensure they are most functional for your workplace
All designs include a minimum of 2D renderings. ]
Our designer team has on average 15 years of experience designing commercial space. Our goal is to help work environments b attractive, fits within the space and is ergonomically correct.
Before you finalize your office furniture space, we are able to provide a virtual video with the exact furniture and colors you selected.
Our team partners with our company’s architect and/or design firm they have chosen to provide the directed support .
Our design team can help maximize the investment of your space with creative options