Ergonomic Office Telephonic Virtual Assessments

Pacific Ergonomics, Inc. provides virtual ergonomic office phone assessments  nationwide. Regardless if you have a home office and/or you work for small, medium or large corporation, our telephonic ergonomic evaluations can help you  feel most productive, and feel great working.  

Telephonic Office Evaluations Save Time and Money 

Virtual Office Assessments

Telephonic office evaluations typically take 30-45 minutes and include a report that is emailed within 48 hours.  Our team works within the policies of the company and the comfort of the employee to determine if we also use pictures of the workstation, video, and/or Facetime, none of which are required to conduct effective consultations. 

Benefits of Virtual Ergonomic Assessments

  • Create a program for offices nationwide
  • Decreased costs when done in volume with no travel costs
  • Ideal for remote areas and home offices that have unusual work situations that typically have little to no transparency 
  • Prevent injury, decrease comfort and increase productivity
  • Comfortable employees can work longer and harder

How Does a Virtual Ergo Assessment Work? 

If the employee is able to e-mail a few pictures of themselves working within their environment, that is ideal, although not mandatory. During the assessment, we ask that the employee has a tape measure available as often we will need measurements of the height of the desk, seated elbow height and other measurements that make our recommendations most effective. 

The trained and certified ergonomist will ask questions that will enable them to understand their current workstation, identify potential risks, understand any discomfort and postural habits. 

  • Photos are optional but very helpful
  • Video is optional, but can be helpful if under 1 minute
  • Facetime is optional and can also be a useful tool
  • For corporations, we structure product recommendations to be alignment with current preferences and suppliers of choice. 

Virtual Ergonomic Evaluation Report with Recommendations

After the telephonic ergonomic assessment is completed, the ergonomist will complete a report that summarizes the risk factors identified, the suggested modifications with existing equipment, provide postural recommendations and and product recommendations if needed. 

Best of class ergonomic equipment can be easily purchased and shipped anywhere in the U.S.  with a private portal where items can be purchased at a discount and with full warranty backing.  

 Ergonomic Phone Assessment Tips

Preparation for an ergonomic office evaluations over the telephone is quick and easy, but very helpful. 

  • Have a tape measure available during the call. 
  • Measure the height of the desk (if not adjustable) and the width. 
  • Have someone else take 2-3 pictures of you working as you normally would. 
  • Make a note of any discomfort that you are experiencing. 

Scheduling a Virtual Ergonomic Consultation By Phone 

If your company is interested in creating a risk mitigation program that includes virtual office phone assessments, please call to learn more about our program and discuss how this can be integrated into your overall wellness goals. 

Please call 619-546-0872 Ext 101  and ask for Annie