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Do you need a healthcare ergonomic assessment consultation in San Diego, California? If so we are here to help! Call us at 619-546-0872 ext 101 for a free consultation.

Pacific Ergonomics provides the Southern California area ergonomic assessments and solutions specific to the healthcare work setting. Our certified ergonomists can help assess the risks from a number of jobs that fall under healthcare settings including but not limited to doctor offices, pharmacies, nurses stations, control rooms, specialty rooms like MRI labs, blood-work rooms, and receiving departments.

Safe-Patient-Handling: Lifting - 1.0 CE (for Nurses) - Medline

Our healthcare ergonomic consultants are trained in helping reduce injuries and promote safe patient handling. We partner with you to provide guidance and support for employees to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and general pain and discomfort.  Call for a free consultation. 619-546-0872

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Our Southern California Assessments Help Reduce the Risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

Hospital workers who transfer or care for patients are at high risk for injury when not properly taught or when lacking the necessary tools to do the job the ergonomically correct way. Other healthcare workers are at risk due to awkward postures a job may require.

Working in awkward postures can lead to discomfort or pain. Whether you’re a nurse struggling to lift patients, work in an office and strain to look at your screen, or spend your day lifting boxes in the receiving department, discomfort and pain can lead to more chronic injuries that reduce productivity and can cost millions in Workers Comp claims.

The great news is that our ergonomists support the Southern California Region and are able to provide evaluations, training, and products that create measurable changes. Even small changes can help drastically reduce risk. Whether it’s just knowing the right information, acquiring the proper equipment, or changing the entire process to be more ergonomic friendly, Pacific Ergonomics can help your employees be more comfortable, productive, and avoid a bigger issue.

Ergonomic Healthcare Assessments, Consulting, and Training in San Diego

Our San Diego lab ergonomic team can customize the service that is right for your company. We offer preventative ergonomic assessments, job duty analysis, return to work from Workers Comp, and Discomfort evaluations. If you would like an evaluation of your team in general, we also provide this service.

Need Healthcare Ergonomic Equipment?

Pacific Ergonomics also provides lab stools, task chairs, ergonomic nurse station carts, complete office ergo equipment, customized monitor arms to support as many monitors as needed.

Our team also provides lab ergonomic equipment such as customized height-adjustable lab tables that can hold very large heavy equipment, yet provide flexibility for different size users.

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