Home Office Virtual Ergonomic Support Services

Pacific Ergonomics, Inc. provides home office ergonomic telephone support services nationwide. This service very valuable to companies and employees during the Covid 19 crisis.  Our home office telephonic ergonomic assessment services are conducted by trained and certified ergonomists. Our team not only has the skills and experience at conducting remote ergonomic assessments  nationwide, but our team has the expertise to make recommendations that will reduce discomfort, injury and future claims.  

It is amazing the power of having a caring person place a call to help an employee adjust to working during thie Covid-19 crisis. Having only one 1/2 hour home office ergonomic evaluation can help prevent discomfort from turning into injury and Workers Comp claims. At the end of the 1/2 hour call, people feel empowered, they feel connected and cared for with creative ideas on how to solve their challenges in working from home. 

Home office ergonomic support services educe the risk of discomfort, injury and they increase morale.  

Home Office Ergonomic Telephonic Support Services During Covid-19 

Before Covid-19, many people have never worked from home before. Now as they are suddenly at home with a laptop, it is disorientating to attempt to be productive if the workstation is not properly set up. It also opens up risk of working in awkward postures which can quickly lead to discomfort and injury. During this tenuous, uncertain time employees are scared. They are trying to focus on work despite the news headlines. They are working from sofas, desks, beds, they are working on laptops with no keyboards. They are caring for their kids, pets and challenges of roomates. An ergonomic expert can help them create a workstation using things they have around the home as they adjust during this difficult time. 

Telephonic ergonomic services help employees who work at home to so effectively and safely. Employees who are working with incorrect postures will start to have discomfort, which is the last thing anyone needs. Our remote telephone support services can reduce the risk of discomfort and Workers Comp claims.

Employees Response to Telephone Home Evaluations During the Covid Crisis

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. I feel so much better.  I think it is amazing that my company has provided this service for us., it really means a lot. THANK YOU.” We have had employees who have gotten emotional on the telephone.” 

Employees are so grateful to be able to talk with an ergonomist to help them walk through their challenges in trying to work from home. Our certified ergonomists provide creative ideas using ergonomic principles of how to get more comfortable. In many cases, this doesn’t require buying new products. After the 1/2 hour, employees are so grateful and thankful for the help. 

Ergonomic Home Office Services that Pacific Ergonomics can Help Your Company Launch

  • A hotline that employees can can if they have questions about how to set up their workstation
  • 1/2 ergonomic assessment calls to employees who have expressed discomfort at home
  • Coaching and training calls with small groups to educate and empower
  • Online training in creative ways to set up a home office so it is safe and effective 
  • Delivering ergonomic chairs and products that employees need from their company in San Diego to their home
  • Creating a private portal that can be given to employees to purchase specific products they need to be most comfortable

Challenges of Working at Home: 

  • Limited space
  • Shared space with kids, friends and or spouses
  • Noise from neighbors, kids or traffic
  • Reusing equipment that was intended for home use, not for working all day on the computer
  • Having the proper equipment, task chairs, desks, monitors to work at home safely and effectively
  • Working on laptop computers at home
  • Working in a kitchen, a bedroom or a space that isn’t dedicated
  • Changing habits of how one should work at a computer
  • Learning new and positive habits
  • The challenges of technology, introducing more monitors, Ipad and phones

How Long Does it Take to Work At Home Incorrectly For Discomfort to Happen? 

Discomfort from working at home vary from person to person. People who were already in discomfort can rapidly feel more pain from only a short stint of working incorrectly at home. Employees who are working long hours incorrectly can start feeling pain quickly. 

There is no need to take this risk and to do damage to your body just because you are working at home. With our telephone ergonomic assessment services, our trained and certified ergonomist will ask questions about their home office set up and provide creative ideas to help improve their current workstation. Many ideas can be achieved without spending any money. 

Benefits of Home Office Ergonomic Telephone Consultations and Assessments During the Corona Virus

A person’s home is designed to live in, not to work in. Some people don’t have a separate office, some have limited space and some don’t know what to do in the office they have. Home office furniture typically is different than commercial furniture that is more geared toward proper ergonomics. It is challenging to figure out how to blend work and home together seamlessly.  

Our trained and certified ergonomics will ask questions about their home office set up and provide creative ideas to help improve their current workstation. Many ideas can be achieved without spending any money and sometimes people need someone to talk about the options with.

Telephone Ergonomic Evaluation Report with Recommendations

After the home office phone assessment is completed, your ergonomist will complete a short report that summarizes the risk factors identified, the suggested modifications with existing equipment, provide postural recommendations and product recommendations if needed.

Best of class ergonomic equipment can be easily purchased and shipped anywhere in the U.S.  with a private portal where items can be purchased at a discount and with full warranty backing.


Scheduling a Home Office Telephonic Ergonomic Support Appointment 

If your company is interested in creating a risk mitigation program that includes virtual office phone assessments, please call to learn more about our program and discuss how this can be integrated into your overall wellness goals. If you are an individual working at your home office and need help, call and we can provide the support you need to make you feel great. 

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