Remote Ergonomic Assessments, Training and Installation Anywhere in the U.S.

Remote Ergonomic Assessment Services

Do you have remote employees who are working from home and/or at offices all over the United States? 

  • Are you interested in providing remote ergonomic assessment services to prevent injuries, help employees be comfortable and increase productivity? 
  • Are you looking for a single source ergonomic consultant to support all of your locations and your home office users? 
  • Do you need help with conducting remote ergonomic assessments, product procurement, delivery of product and installation services around the U.S. for items like ergonomic chairs and sit stand desks?
  • Check out ergonomic success case studies 

    If you answered yes to the above, we are here to help. Pacific Ergonomics, Inc. provides full service remote ergonomic assessment programs for companies that have employees all over the U.S. Most of our clients have employees who are either working at home exclusively, working from home and the office or are full time in the office.

Full Service One-Stop Support for Remote Ergonomic Assessments  and Product Installation in U.S.

Pacific Ergonomics is one of the only companies that products turn-key full service virtual ergonomic assessment support for remote employees all over the United States. This is important because employees working remotely, or the corporate office need help immediately when they express that they have “discomfort” working. 

Our full service remote ergonomic support guarantees that not only can immediate layout changes and postural recommendations be adapted, but product gaps also. If ergonomic products can also be procured, we handle all aspects including ordering, delivering, shipping and/or installing anywhere in the U.S. This saves your team time and money and helps your employees faster. 

Typical Process:

  1. Virtual ergonomic assessment to identify the the risks and make immediate changes (We have software that makes this scheduling easy) 
  2. Report sent within 48 hours of all recommendations. Also if products are recommended, there is a secondary quote of specific products when applicable.
  3. Once approved, ergonomic products are procured customized to the employees needs. 
  4. If installation is required like ergonomic chairs or sit stand desks, we will arrange this anywhere in the U.S.
  5. Follow- up ergonomic training to ensure it is set up correctly and employees risk has been reduced   

Unique Benefits of Our Full Service Remote Ergonomic Assessment  Services: 

  1. Quickly Help Employees in Discomfort, and Save Your Team Time and Money: 
    Since we are full service, there are no delays in working with different companies. Often there are product gaps in addition to layout changes that are needed for a person who is in discomfort. With our full service solution, you have a single source to provide any service that is needed for the employee to have resolution. 

  2. Engaging, Helpful Non-Jargon Ergonomic Assessments:
    Employees who work with our team are supported and cared for. Our ergonomic assessments are educational, helpful, customized to the user, and empower employees with knowledge they can use in any work setting. We explain the reason behind any recommendation we make and avoid the typical jargon that is overused in our industry. 

  3. Full Service Remote Virtual Ergonomic Support:
    Our ergonomist not only have expertise not only in uncovering the risks, but in recommending specific solutions. Although there are many fabulous ergonomist out there, most do not have the deep level of knowledge of products solutions that solve the problems. 

  4. Excellent Trained, Certified and Experienced Ergonomists: 
    Certified ergonomists with years of experience assessing and with ergonomic products. 

  5. Streamlined Processes to Save Time and Quickly Help Remote Employees Work Effectively with Good Health: 
    A scheduling system that saves time in scheduling virtual remote ergonomic assessments. This eliminates all of the back and forth time in scheduling ergonomic evaluations around the United States. 

  6. One-Stop Shop from Virtual Ergonomic Assessment to Installation of Products 
    One-stop shop to source all ergonomic products that are needed for employees to save your team’s time. After the virtual ergonomic assessments are completed, if there are products that are recommended, our ergonomic product consulting team procures, ships and delivers the needed items. We also offer nationwide ergonomist installation services even to employees home offices. This saves your facilities team and HR team a tremendous amount of time in coordinating this around the U.S.  

  7. Best of Class, Pre-vetted Ergonomic Product Standardization Programs: 
    Ergonomic product standardization programs for consistency among employees. We provide prewetted ergonomic product standardization programs to meet various budgetary needs. The products have to be high quality, serve specific problems and be readily available with today’s supply chain.  

  8. Customized Chair Program to Fit Budget and Ensure Multiple Sizes for Remote Employees:
    Ability to customize a chair program so there are multiple sizes to fit employees different body sizes and needs. 

  9. Proven Success Working with Small to Fortune Companies All Over the U.S. 
    Some of our clients have internal ergonomist and we help partner for overflow work. Other clients partner with us so we become their ergonomic resource. With proven success, the work we do. 

  10. Private Portals Are Available for our clients
    -Some of our clients want their employees to use their P card when ordering products. However, they want to ensure they are buying the right products that are high quality. Our team can create a private portal specifically customized for your business. 

Remote Ergonomic Assessment Services and Installation Are Ideal for: 

  1. Employees who are working only at home.
  2. Employees who work at home part of the week and in the office the other part of the week. 
  3. Virtual assessments in corporate offices 
  4. Companies with employee distribution around the U.S. or in several different cities 
  5. Ensuring that employees have the proper tools and understand how to use them while working remotely. 

Our Ergonomic Assessments, Training and Installation Helps Remote Employees Feel Great Working: 

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. I feel so much better.  I think it is amazing that my company has provided this service for us., it really means a lot. THANK YOU.” We have had employees who have gotten emotional on the telephone.” 

“Thank you Pacific Ergonomics. My ergonomist was amazing. I have been working for forty years without any knowledge or understanding of how this was impacting the way I felt. I am so inspired and hopeful that I will feel so much better and be able to work longer days.”

“This company changed my life! It has been so helpful to have the services they have provided. I am grateful my company has this program. With a virtual ergonomic assessment, we made many changes to my workstation in how it was laid out. They also helped me acquire an electric wheelchair, height adjustable desks, amazing chairs, and accessories that made my work station ergonomic and comfortable. I cannot describe the difference of how I feel when I work at my new work station, vs my new work station. It’s SO much better. Thank you, Pacific Ergonomics.”


Employees are so grateful to be able to talk with an ergonomist to help them walk through their challenges in trying to work from home. Our certified ergonomists provide creative ideas using ergonomic principles of how to get more comfortable. In many cases, this doesn’t require buying new products. After the 1/2 hour, employees are so grateful and thankful for the help. 

Best of class ergonomic equipment can be easily purchased and shipped anywhere in the U.S.  with a private portal where items can be purchased at a discount and with full warranty backing.