How to File Outlook E-mails to Be Productive and Reduce Wrist Discomfort

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  • Do you have a barrage of e-mails and spend your day sorting them into files?
  • Or how much time is spent searching your e-mail trying to find a message that you sent or received?

This repetitive mousing and hand movement of searching for an e-mail you are trying to find affects the health of your body. If you can decrease repetitive movements, your hands, wrists and arms feel better. Not to mention it is wonderful to be able to find an e-mail you are looking for in 2 seconds versus 15 minutes.

How Does Sorting E-mails in Outlook Affect My Wrist and Hands? 

The more you use your computer mouse, the more stress it puts on your wrists and forearms. We have all heard horror stories of people affected by a debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome or other forms of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Reducing the number of mouse movements, clicks and drag-and-drop operation is important for keeping your wrists healthy.

The great news is that there are wonderful tools that can drastically reduce the number of operations to keep your Outlook email organized by filing an email with just one click. This also increases productivity and keeps you sane with a sea of e-mails.

How many mouse operations does it take to file an email message?

You likely receive more than 100 emails per day. To keep them well organized, you want to file them out of the Inbox into other Outlook folders. Most users organize folders by project, by the client, or by some other criteria which make sense for the way you work.

Look at how many mouse clicks and repetitive use of the mouse is required to file a message into a folder: 

  1. If you have more than a handful of folders, first you have to find the folder. You move the mouse to the left-hand pane displaying the folder tree. Expand the folder tree to find the right folder. If the folder is several levels down the hierarchy, this requires multiple movements and clicks.
  2. You move the mouse back to the message list and pick up the message with the mouse, by pressing the mouse button and starting to drag it.
  3. Drag the message over to the folder on the left.
  4. Carefully drop it into the folder, making sure you do not accidentally drop it into the folder next to the one right now.

The above process requires quite a few operations, including drag-and-drop, which is one of the most taxing mouse operations. It can easily take 5 to 20 seconds of mouse moving, clicking, dragging to file each message.

This leads to repetitive hand movements that affect the comfort of your hand and wrist. This also decreases productivity and increases frustration. 

Is there a better way?

Filing an email with just one click- Say It Isn’t So! 

What if you can replace the entire process with just one click? The good news is that you can! 

I have been using this tool for years and love it! 

Introducing SimplyFile – an AI-powered one-click filing assistant for Microsoft Outlook. For every message in your Inbox, it provides AI-based folder predictions. To move a message into one of the folders, you just click a button, and the message is filed. It is so much easier than drag and drop. The machine learning magic takes a bit of time to train, but once it happens, the folder predictions are usually spot-on. It is as if it is reading your mind.

Click – a message is filed.

Another click – another message is filed.

Before you know it – your mailbox is neatly organized, your wrists feel great and it took no time at all.

In addition to filing one message at a time, you can file groups of messages.

  • “File Sender” will file all messages from a sender.
  • “File Thread” will file all messages in a thread.
  • “Batch File” will organize a group of messages into their respective folders in one operation.
  • It can file send messages as well.

For users who prefer to operate mostly with the keyboard, SimplyFile supports customizable hotkeys for smooth mouse-free operation.

My Experience: 
I have been using this product for three years and it made a huge difference in my daily work. I cannot imagine using Outlook without SimplyFile and highly recommend it to all Outlook users. Give it a try, your wrists will thank you for it!

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