Portable “Office in a Box” Application Ideas

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It’s time to get creative and explore how a portable mobile workstation can help your company  solve many unique problems. Use this “Office in a Box”  mobile workstation on wheels as a tool to bridge gaps, create new solutions and solve strategic problems.

What is the Office in a Box?
The Office in a Box is completely mobile, portable workstation that is on wheels and unfolds in minutes. After it is used it folds back up and can be stored in a warehouse. You can get creative and use this portable office to solve a variety of challenges.

12 Ideas for Creative Application of the “Office in a Box” Portable Mobile Workstations:

#1. Generate revenue from the portable mobile offices:

Construction companies, designers and architects can rent these portable mobile workstations out to their clients as a service when there are construction delays or supply chain delays of office furniture.  Also, rental companies can add this solution to their menu to help their clients.

Commercial moving companies can rent out these mobile workstations to clients who are waiting for their office furniture to arrive. Call for a free consultation on how we can help you implement this solution. 619-546-0872

#2. Hoteling and Hot Desking:
-Portable workstations on casters can be added to areas where employees are sharing desks. Many companies are allowing employees to work at home for a few days and in the office for the other days.  This can be helpful as companies are trying to maximize space, while not not wanting to invest in infrastructure with the future being uncertain.
Portable workstations can be very helpful

#3. Converting office space to laboratories: 
Portable workstations can be integrated into an office that is under going a lab conversion. In many parts of the country like San Diego California, companies are converting existing offices to labs. As a result, the existing office space is being set up for hoteling to support more employees than they had before.

While some employees are working at home, the existing offices need to support more employees than they ever did before. Therefore, in many cases more workstations need to be added quickly and easily with low cost. Portable workstations in a box are an ideal solution.

#4. Emergency solution for office furniture and/or construction delays 
The supply chain has delayed the delivery of many products including office furniture. Companies can leverage portable workstations in a box to use until leases are finalized, furniture is delivered and plans are cemented.

Portable workstations for laboratories

#5. Temporary workers who need a desk space:
Portable workstations are ideal too support temporary workers. For example, one of our clients is planning on moving in the next year so they don’t want to invest in more office furniture in the current space without knowing what their new building will be able to support. However, they have a few temporary employees that need to work in the meantime. These portable office spaces are the perfect solution.

#6. An interim solution to provide more time to create the right solution:
Sometimes companies have to relocate quickly, without enough time for planning, strategy and determine new office furniture needs. Portable workstations in a box can help bridge this gap so the proper time can be put into purchasing office furniture.
Mobile workstations on casters are ideal for temporary use

#7. Add computer workstations to a crowded laboratory:
-Many labs do not have sufficient space for computer work to be done. Effective ergonomic lab benching is height adjustable and should include areas for computers. The problem is  many labs are implemented with this being an afterthought. Therefore, one alternative is to sprinkle computer workstations throughout the lab that are mobile and portable.

Also, with labs needs change depending on projects, deadlines and product needs, portability is key. These lab workstations can fold out in minutes and then be stored when they are not needed. With lab portable workstations, they can be placed anywhere in a lab to augment the needs.

Laboratory mobile workstation solutions

#8. Team collaboration rotation into different teams:
Some companies set up areas for team collaborative use. This works well until the needs of the team grow, or team members from other departments need to closely align for a period of time. The great news is the portable office in a box can easily bridge this gap. It can be rolled in for use and then repurposed elsewhere once the project is over.

#8. Add portable manufacturing office desks to increase efficiency:
Portable desks can be used in the manufacturing plant for to add additional office space, or easily relocate where the office space is. For example, one of our clients was spending a lot of time walking from the kitting area to the offices. Instead they were able to place an office in the box closer to the area where they were dong the data input which increased productivity and efficient.

Also a lot of manufacturing workbenches can get very crowded with little room for computer work. Companies can either implement ergonomically designed workbenches, or they can add separate portable desks for employees to use.

#9. Seasonal workers with increased staffing needs for part of the year can use the portables desks 
Companies that have an unknown number of staff for certain parts of the year, can repurpose the space to be used for something else. For example, a Halloween store can be retail during the holidays and then repurpose for an office work the other days of the year.

#10. Setting up offices in unconventional spaces
With an office in a box, there is no place you can not put an office. With the use of cell phones, laptops and docking stations, offices can be quickly added anywhere it would be beneficial.

#11. Home use in the family room or living room
-Many families have multiple people working at home and kids studying for school.  Having an office in a box can be handy to use during the day and fold up when not being used. You can easily add it to spaces like garages, or side rooms and then fold it up when you want to repurpose the space.

#12. Repurpose office space to another function with portable workstations
With the pandemic, being able to leverage office space for multiple functions is helpful. For example, hire a team of people to make telemarketing calls for an election, and then once that is over, repurpose the space for having large meetings that require conference tables.

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