Height Adjustable Desks, Bases/Tops

Height Adjustable standing desks Modular furniture dealer San Diego California

Workstations can be height-adjustable and customized to support any size or need. Pacific Ergonomics provides ergonomic desk bases, bases and tops, customized height-adjustable benching, and desk solutions.

Retrofit Existing Desks at a Company:

Our team can help you retrofit existing desks and benching systems in San Diego to make the height of the desk adjustable. Retrofitting desks to enable employees to sit and stand is a very popular cost-effective option that protects your initial investment and maintains a consistent look.

Relocating and Need Custom Bases and Tops?

Pacific Ergonomics can provide custom height-adjustable desks and benching solutions.

Commercial Grade Quick Ship Standing Desks with Free Shipping

If your employees need commercial-grade standing desks shipped to their home with free shipping, our team can help. We provide free shipping anywhere in the U.S. and we also have assembly and home delivery options for employees in San Diego. CLICK HERE TO ORDER. 

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Retrofitting Workstations to Make Them Height Adjustable: 

This saves the investment of the tabletop and is typically less expensive. Adjustable table bases can also be designed with new tops to blend in with a current office or to create a unique look.