Conference Tables in San Diego

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Helpful Tips When Configuring a Conference Table in San Diego or Anywhere in the U.S.

1. Quantify the Use of the Conference Space: 
It is important to quantify how your conference room in San Diego will be used. Who will be in the room? Is it executives discussing sensitive matters where acoustics is the primary consideration? Our team will help vet this to determine the right table.

2. Determine the right size for the space
Our conference table space planner designer will help ensure that the shape is correct for your space and the size. Considerations include if there is a credenza where people will be getting food, storage needs, and how many people will the room need to support.

2. What shape fits the room for collaboration?
A traditional rectangular shaped table doesn’t best support all rooms. Some areas are best with a circular conference table. Our designer can help with these considerations.

3. Depth of the Conference Table in San Diego 
The depth of a conference table is an important consideration. It is important that there is at least 36″ on every side of the table for clearance.

3. Optimal Length of Conference? 
Our designers can help configure the recommended length of conference room to support your goals. This might be a 4 foot, 8 foot, 12 foot or 20 foot conference table depending  on your space and needs.

4. Sit Stand Conference Tables
A new trend in collaboration that is growing in popularity, is sit stand conference table. This application is ideal if there are meetings that last for hours. Being able to sit and stand during the meeting increases circulation and increases the creative thought process.

5. Acoustic Needs of the Collaboration Space
There are many different ways to create a new conference room. Some are easy to implement with demountable walls that can be put up without permits, others use drywall. All of these solutions have variations to them that our team can help with. This affects the experience of your users in the room. How important is quiet in your environment?

6. Visual Appearance of the Conference Room Chairs
The conference chairs on the table greatly affect the overall look. Also there are ergonomic considerations. If users spend hours at meetings you will want more adjustability with the chairs on the conference table. Versus if most meetings are quick and easy than this isn’t a consideration.

7. What is the Best Way to Route Power Through Your Conference Table? 
You might be asking if it is worth it to pay an electrician to get power from the ground? Do you want to have a power pole by your conference table? Or are you fine with a solution that routes the cord to a nearby outlet. Our team can help with all of these conference table design considerations.


Pacific Ergonomics provides conference tables in San Diego that are attractive and functional. We support clients all over the U.S. to help with their collaboration goals, with over 100 different modern conference table designs.

Our space planning design team will provide virtual services, and will provide conference room CAD design services to ensure that your conference table  looks great and is functional for your needs. There are many considerations that we address with our 10 point process.

Also if you need conference chairs that work well with your conference table, we can help with ergonomic considerations addressed.  Call for a free consultation nationwide.  619-546-0872