Reception Office Furniture

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This receptionist office furniture desk is ideal for budget aware clients. Available in different sizes, colors, laminate and wood grains, our team can help create a statement.

Multiple modern reception colors

Another great receptionist office furniture option for a small space.

Often the receptionist is forgotten about with height adjustability. We can provide a sit stand receptionist station with almost all of our designs.  Modern Reception

If you are looking for unique, stunning receptionist office furniture that is also ergonomic, you have come to the right place. Pacific Ergonomics can help you create an inviting, attractive receptionist station that welcomes your guests and helps the receptionist feel great working.

Our design team will customize your receptionist office furniture desk to be just the way you would like. If you are wanting a height adjustable sit stand receptionist office desk and an ergonomic office chair that fits your receptionist, we can do this. Or you want to match a specific finish in the office, including real wood, or a unique space size we can help. Call for a free consultation on your receptionist office furniture design project.