Office Chairs

Pacific Ergonomics provides best of class ergonomic office chairs. Our certified ergonomists help our clients create a program where they can provide the same ergonomic chair in various sizes such as petite, standard, tall, big and tall, and large. With the correct base, then the adjustable controls can help ensure that the chair supports the back, hips, legs, neck and arms.

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Quality Ergonomic Office Chairs

Quality ergonomic seating enables an employee to be able to adjust their chair to ensure that their body is comfortable. We help our clients standardize on a chair type that will allow users who are petite, standard, tall, tall and big, or larger in stature to have the proper size of the seat, width, and height, yet all look the same. Each ergonomic chair has a different set of benefits in regards to the discomforts it can help solve, such as lumbar, thoracic, wrist, backrest, shoulder, seat, and hip support.

Mesh Versus Upholstered Ergonomic Office Chairs

Trending and fashionable are to standardize on an ergonomic chair that can be configured in either upholstery or mesh, yet it has the same appearance. This enables employees of different needs to have a chair that works well for them, yet allows the company easy management and cohesive design. When companies can provide a petite, standard, tall and large base combined with mesh or upholstered backs, most employee needs will be taken care of.

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chairs:

Ergonomic mesh chairs vary widely, and there are very inexpensive options being sold on the market as ergonomic when they are not. Pacific Ergonomics mesh chairs provide the back support that is needed combined with adjustability and a look that companies desire.


Mesh ergonomic chairs are cooler to sit in, as they breathe. The consistent airflow through the mesh is desirable for many people, often popular with men who tend runner hotter than women.

  • Mesh chairs have a high-tech look that is often desirable for certain companies, particularly technology companies.
  • Mesh chairs are typically less expensive, making them ideal for public areas like conference rooms.
  • The downside is that mesh chairs they don’t typically offer as much back support as a comparable upholstered chair.
  • They actually are more difficult to clean than fabric-covered chairs, but they can be vacuumed with consideration to not pushing hard on the mesh.
  • Many interior designers feel more limited in colors and selection.
  • Mesh chair is also not recommended in areas that are dust-like warehouses, as the mesh can get damaged, people are often wearing tools that can easily damage the chair.

Mesh chairs are also not recommended for 24/7 work areas like call centers or 911 dispatch, as they are not designed for long hours with multiple employees rotating in them. Some mesh chairs offer 24-hour warranties, though they are substantially less than a cushioned fabric covered chair counterpart.

Upholstered ergonomic office chairs

Upholstered ergonomic seating provides endless options to ensure that employees are comfortable. From adjustable lumbar and thoracic (also available in select mesh chairs) to memory foam seating, a variety of seat designs, cushioned armrests, and different types of mechanisms like rocker or synchro-tilt.

Generally, fabric chairs will provide more significant back support then mesh, though it depends on which chairs are being compared.

Good application for Upholstered ergonomic chairs: 
1. People who work at the computer all day.
2. 24×7 usage.
3. Employees with specific discomfort risks that need specialized comfort and selection.
4. Tall or larger employees will be more supported over time.