24x7 Ergonomic Chairs

Pacific Ergonomics in San Diego 24×7 ergonomic chairs are designed when the chair is being used 24 hours a day from multiple employees who are taking shifts. The chairs are built to withstand the constant use, and they must be flexible so users of different sizes can adjust their chairs for comfort.

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Benefits of a 24×7 Ergonomic Chair:

24×7 ergonomic chairs are designed to provide comfort and support for employees working around the clock.

24×7 ergonomic chairs need to be able to adjust to multiple sized bodies and also be sturdy enough to handle multiple shifts.

How is a 24×7 Ergonomic Chair Different?

24×7 ergonomic chairs cater to specific working environments. These chairs are made for those jobs that never stop so that their comfort may never stop. Sturdy and designed to last, as well as having enough customization to fit a variety of users.

Can You Adjust a Standard Task Chair to Make it Like an 24×7 Ergonomic Chair?

If you have a regular office chair, there are little ways to help improve the comfort of a user.

For example, if a regular office chair doesn’t have a comfortable back or seat, you can add a back pillow. But little can be done about the height, depth, or angle. Especially if the chairs are meant to fit multiple employees.

What is more challenging to fix is fitting a regular office chair to a user’s body, instead of the body to the office chair. If a chair has no sort of adjustability, the chances of being comfortable are minimal. Ergonomic task chair’s attention to detail will keep users comfortable, productive, and help avoid pain or injury.

If you’re looking for an ergonomic chair, Pacific Ergonomics has options for everyone.