Petite Task Chairs

Pacific Ergonomics petite task chairs in San Diego are designed specifically for the needs of petite users. These ergonomic chairs have smaller seat pans, arms that are closer together, cylinders that go lower, and an overall smaller fit for the back. This is a small sampling of the types of chairs that we offer.

Quality petite task chairs that Pacific Ergonomics in San Diego provides offer tremendous flexibility to adjust the chair. Starting with the correct frame and choice of options that were designed for petite users will increase comfort.

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Benefits of a Petite Task Chair for Smaller Builds:

Petite task chairs are designed to provide comfort and support for people with petite builds. Typically petite people are also shorter.

Standard task chairs are designed for the average size person, both in build and height. If you stray outside of this norm, comfort decreases. It also makes it more challenging to adjust the chair for a comfortable fit.

How is a Petite Task Chair Different?

Petite task chairs are different from the standard task chairs in a variety of ways. First of all, ergonomic petite seating provides you with a smaller seat pan that isn’t as wide or long. Secondly, the cylinders can lower to make sure both feet are firmly on the ground. A third significant difference is the armrests will be closer together than a standard chair.

Can You Adjust a Standard Chair to Make it Like a Petite Task Chair?

If you have a standard chair, there are strategies that can be done to modify the chair to help improve the comfort of a petite user. However, this is not as beneficial as starting with a petite chair in the first place.

For example, if a regular task chair does not go low enough to have both feet on the floor, a footstool could be used to maintain the correct posture.

What is more challenging to fix is the overall feel and comfort of the chair, particularly with the seat pan and the back. If the seat pan at its extreme adjustment is still too big, it will cut into the back of the leg. If the back is too large, the lumbar will not align properly.

If you have a standard build, there are a variety of ergonomic task chairs that support different needs.