Patient Seating Solutions

Pacific Ergonomics provides best of class San Diego healthcare sofa sleepers solutions for hospitals, clinics and medical centers. Our high-quality ergonomic healthcare recliner sofas are designed for hospitals and healthcare settings enabling the loved ones of a patient to be able to sit and sleep.

Reduce the risk of injury and Workers Comp claims for nurses and cleaning staff when they have to convert a sofa to a sleeper with our ergonomic sofa sleeper options. Also, enjoy a 10-year warranty from any puncture, tear or rip with solutions that are seamless and can withstand the harshest Covid cleaning chemicals such as Virox, Wex-cide, Cavi-Wipes and bleach.

Environmentally-friendly PVC free and Hospital grade Silica is also available for our healthcare seating for enhanced cleanability and anti-microbial and anti-bacterial benefits.

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