San Diego Medical Clean Room Chairs and Stools

Pacific Ergonomics provides ergonomic clean room medical office chairs in San Diego with ISO ratings from 1-9. Call for a free consultation.

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Medical Clean Room Chairs and Stools in San Diego

Healthcare infections is one of the reasons why clean room stools in San Diego are needed. Common areas that clean room chairs and stools are needed are in surgical areas, pharmacies, burn units, quiet rooms and areas that have bio-hazardous risks.

Clean Room Medical Stools in San Diego Showroom

Trialing a clean room stool in San Diego isn’t possible as it introduces outside elements. However, Pacific Ergonomics has a showroom and can also bring the medical and operating room stool samples to a lobby for a team to sit in.

Important Factors for a Clean Room Medical Stool for Your San Diego Hospital

When purchasing clean room medical office chairs, the ISO rating is the first step. These ratings range from ISO 1 to ISO 9. The reason this is important is there are specific medical clean room stools that have these ratings.

The second factor to consider is what chemicals are being used to clean the clean room stools. The fewer seams in a clean room chair the better so cleaning products don’t remain on the chair.

Clean Room Medical Stool Industry Sectors in San Diego We Serve:

  • Medical research institutes
  • Surgical units
  • Production and testing facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotech
  • Defense
  • Universities
  • Nano Tech
  • Medical research