Executive Sit-Stand Desk Dealer in San Diego

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Different Types of Executive Sit Stand Desks in San Diego

When choosing the correct Executive sit stand it is important to understand what type of work will be done.

  1. Executive Sit Stand Desks with 1/2 modest panels L Shaped
    -This is typically used when the entire L shaped desk rotates up and down. It ensures that the person sitting at the desk has privacy.
    -1/2 modesty panels can also on one side of the desk
  2. Executive Sit to Stand Desks with Full Modesty Panels L Shaped, with One Side Moving Up and Down
    -This type of desk gives the appearance of a traditional desk, but it is height adjustable.
    -People on the other side can not see anything such as trash cans.
    -A very clean and attractive look
  3. Rectangular Sit Stand Executive Desks with a 1/2 modesty panel 
    -Common sizes depending on space are the 30″ x 60″ or the 30″ x 72″.
  4. Enhanced casing work that hides the height adjustable base in the seated position
    -To maximize the appearance of an executive sit stand desk in San Diego, many companies are choosing to go with solutions that covers the base.

Pacific Ergonomics is a San Diego executive sit stand desk dealer with full support in Southern California.

Height adjustable executive sit stand desks should be attractive and functional. Our team can help design an executive sit to stand desk that aligns with the design and supports the ergonomic needs of the user.

Our team provides full commercial design and installation support for executive sit stand projects in San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Call for a free consultation. 619-546-0872