Industrial Workbenches

Invest in high-quality ergonomic, industrial workbenches in San Diego California to maximize productivity, ensure the bench is organized and efficiency is enhanced. Workbenches can be stationary, or height adjustable with electric hydraulic controls.

Pacific Ergonomics provides customized workbench solutions in San Diego including: 
– ESD workbenches
– Vibration control workbenches
-Wet lab workstations
-Clean room workbenches
-Electric Height adjustable workbenches
-Peg height adjustable work stations
-Work benches with overhangs and lighting
-Customized options
-Electric height adjustable workbenches to support up to 1500 pounds
-Mobile workbenches

In addition, a properly configured workbench promotes healthy postures which prevents injuries. Call for a free consultation. 619-546-0872

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