Keyboard Tray Systems

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Systems are an important ergonomic tool that allows users to adjust the placement of their keyboard and mouse to a position that is more natural and comfortable for them.

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In order to use a keyboard in an ergonomically correct position, shoulders should be relaxed, elbows bent at 90° or slightly more, and wrists level, avoiding bending upward, downward, or outward.

Using a mouse in an ergonomically correct position requires the user to have the mouse close enough to the keyboard so that overreaching is avoided, this can be accomplished with shoulders relaxed and the elbow at your side.

How Do Keyboard Tray Systems Work?

Ergonomic keyboard tray systems are made up of 3 major components: The platform, the mechanism, and the track. The platform is where the keyboard and mouse go. The platform attaches to the mechanism, which controls how the system functions. The mechanism determines the height, angle, and placement of the platform. Lastly is the track which attaches underneath the desk. The mechanism slides into the track and glides back and forth.

Why Use a Keyboard Tray

Unfortunately, not all workstations are made to accommodate their user. Desks can be too tall for users, the work area may be cramped, or perhaps using a keyboard and mouse from a traditional position is simply uncomfortable. Ergonomic keyboard tray systems have a variety of benefits and can be a solution to a variety of problems. If you feel uncomfortable while typing, perhaps having an intended space specifically for your keyboard and mouse will help alleviate some discomfort.

Different Types of Keyboard Trays

Different designs allow keyboard trays to accomplish different goals. Some platforms are designed specifically for corner work stations, others are compact for smaller areas, or bigger in size to fit more items. Mechanisms differ as well, with some being sit-to-stand, allowing the user to bring the platform to a standing height. Tracks can differ in sizes as well. Though typically 22″, some tracks can be smaller or bigger to accommodate the depth of the desk or some keyboard tray systems don’t have a track at all keeping the mechanism fixed to one location.