Clean Room Tables for Your So Cal Laboratory

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Pacific Ergonomics provides a variety of clean room laboratory benching and table solutions. Our clean room solutions are affordable, high-quality, designed for the needs, and customizable with an expert team. In addition, we offer clean room benching solutions that are height adjustable, crank adjustable, peg adjustable or can be adjusted with tools, depending on the application.

When designing a clean room, it is important to know what type of clean room it is. Pacific Ergonomics provides clean room laminate solutions that are approved for Class 100 cleanroom use, otherwise known as ISO 5 rated. We also provide stainless steel-rated 304, which can work for many types of clean rooms. However, it doesn’t work for all of them, so it is important to know what level of clean room is required. Call for a free consultation to discuss your needs. 619-546-0872