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Pacific Ergonomics as the widest selection of specialty laboratory stools in San Diego, ESD, wet lab, clean room and budget friendly options. In addition, our team provides ergonomic guidance to chose the correct stool, configure it properly for the task, and train your team post installation.

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Overview of Our San Diego Laboratory Services:

Pacific Ergonomics provides laboratory stools in San Diego to labs all over Southern California. As the leader in combining ergonomic expertise together with the widest selection of Laboratory stools in San Diego, our clients benefit.

Choosing the correct lab stool for your San Diego laboratory is critical to maximize production, prevent injuries and prevent costly Workers Comp claims.

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24 x 7 Lab Stools


Widest Selection of Lab Stools in San Diego With Ergonomic Guidance: 

We help our clients:

1. Selection: Provide options of laboratory stools that will provide the proper support for the specific lab tasks
-We go on-site to understand the needs before recommending

2. Configuration: Ensure the chosen lab stool is configured correctly, with the correct height range. This is critical to ensure it promotes a healthy work environment.

3. Training: Provide training once the stool is selected so your employees know how to use it.

Laboratory Use Cases in San Diego:

Limited space in a crowed lab for laboratory stools needed in two nearby locations of different heights. 

Different lab stool bench heights solution in San Diego

A specialized laboratory stool that can be configured to be used as a chair or a stool. 


  • Saved thousands of dollars with a dual purpose stool in their San Diego laboratory 
  • Maximized space with fewer lab stools in area
  • Invested in high quality lab stools that will last longer and be most effective

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