Customized Modular Office Furniture in San Diego

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Modular Office Furniture “Typical” in San Diego:

Typical are helping as  starting point to quickly identify a style or a design appearance that is appealing. However, all of our solutions are customized with the color, the size, and the function to specifically fit the needs of our clients.

From there, we will fine tune leveraging our expertise with multiple different best of class solution providers to provide the best solutions for your needs. As a boutique, we are not locked into providing the same solution for all our clients. Instead, we help identify the best solution, the most appropriate supplier and design that achieves your goals.

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Customized Office Furniture Solutions for San Diego Companies

Pacific Ergonomics is a boutique office furniture dealer that specializes in solving problems. Our process is consultative in ensuring that our client’s office furniture space achieves their goals. We have a complete intake process where we understand our clients needs and provide office furniture solutions in San Diego with one-stop-shop service. ‘

” We specialize in solving office furniture problems”  


Considerations of office furniture consultations include:  
1. Overall goals of the space now and in the future
2. Design and appearance
3. Type of design assistance needed
4. Ergonomic considerations
5. Privacy and acoustic goals
6. Budget
7. Use of space
8. Hoteling needs
9. Collaboration goals
10. Space utilization strategy
11. Dual purpose spaces
12. Timeline for project
13. Covid considerations
14. Supply chain options for faster deliveries

Ergonomic Office Furniture Guidance:

To create an effective office furniture solution in San Diego, it must achieve “function and form.”  It should be attractive, encapsulate the culture, but also be practical, functional, ergonomic and healthy. Often the “form” aspect of office furniture design is not considered.

All of our office furniture design and consulting services include ergonomic considerations to ensure employees are productive and they do not get injured while working. Pacific Ergonomics has two divisions, one is the ergonomic consulting branch and the other is the consulting product solutions. Our office furniture clients in San Diego get the benefit of both sides of the companies expertise.