Best Ergonomic Office Chairs to Prevent Back Pain (Multiple Sizes Available)

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Pacific Ergonomics has the best ergonomic office desk chairs in San Diego to prevent back pain and work in bliss and comfort. Our team can help create a multi-size strategy to support the needs of all your employees so they can work in comfort. We also have a showroom where your team can sit in the various options of office chairs to feel their comfort level before finalizing your office seating choice.

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What is an Ergonomic Office Chair Program in San Diego?

An ergonomic chair program is where a company intentionally selects an ergonomic chair that is available in multiple sizes to fit employees of various heights and sizes. This will prevent injuries, aches and pains of the back and help your employees feel comfortable and great working. Call for a free consultation. 619-546-0872

The Importance of Having Multiple Sizes of Office Chairs in San Diego for Your Employees:

(San Diego office chair showroom appointments near me are available for our client’s employees)

OSHA defines a good quality office ergonomic chair as being, “one that provides the necessary support to the back, legs, buttocks, and arms, while reducing exposures to awkward postures, contract stress and forceful excretions.”


Providing multiple sizes of office chairs to your employees is very important. This is important because if a company provides the same size of office chair to a person who is 6-2 and 5-2, someone isn’t going to be comfortable. Employees who are in pain and have aches are not as productive.

Our high quality ergonomic San Diego office chairs can be configured to fit people of all sizes including Little People/Dwarfism, petite, standard, short and wide, tall,  large, big and tall sizes and bariatric chairs.  Not only can we help identify the correct size of chair with ergonomic expertise, we train you on how to sit properly so you feel great working.

Our San Diego office chair partners provide different benefits to support various needs. We partner with the leading ergonomic chair providers with San Diego showroom support for Ergonomic Comfort solutions, (ECD)  Soma, Reimers (RFM), Sitmatic, SitOnIt, 9to5, BodyBilt, Neutral Posture and Ergocentric.

We provide ergonomic chair consulting and can ship our chairs anywhere in the U.S.

Create a San Diego Ergonomic Office Chair Program to Reduce Injuries

If you are wondering where to buy office chairs in San Diego for your employees, Pacific Ergonomics can help you do it right.  We seek first to understand your needs, goals, and then partner with you to create the best San Diego office chair program possible for your business.

We work with companies of all types with task chair programs in San Diego such as hospitals, banks, universities, large companies, small companies, defense contractors, cities, the State of California and Federal opportunities. The results of our ergonomic chair programs are compelling.

What is Important in Creating a San Diego Ergonomic Office Chair Program?

  1. San Diego ergonomic chairs need to fit employees bodies
    Ergonomic chairs are not “ergonomic” if they don’t fit a person’s body. For example, sitting in a chair for 8-12 hours a day with a seat pan that is too small or large creates discomfort and can lead to injury.

    -An employee who is 4-11, 5-6 and 6-3″ can not possibly fit comfortably in the same seat pan.


    The good news is that Pacific Ergonomics San Diego office chair program  will create a strategy that helps your employees feel good and be most productive.

  2. Back support of an office chair in San Diego must fit a person’s body
    -Typically if a person needs a shorter seat pan, they will also need a shorter back to provide the correct back support. When working with individuals we can customize an ergonomic office chair so it fits an employee perfectly. For companies in San Diego creating an office chair program, we streamline this program so it fits 95% of your employees.
  3.  Office chairs need to have the correct height for the desk that is being used.

    -In the office environment or if a person has a sit stand desk, they will need a different height of a chair than a stationary office desk.
  4. Low cost office chairs in San Diego versus more expensive ones: 
    Pacific Ergonomics provides value based, high quality ergonomic office chairs. However, they are not cheap office chairs that you can find on Amazon. The problem with these chairs is they do not have multiple sizes of seat pans, they do not provide the proper adjustment, and often don’t go high or low enough.
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  5. Cushion and fabric in the ergonomic office chair is important 
    -Added foam and special fabrics make an office chair more comfortable for the body to sit in for prolonged periods of time. Our office chairs in San Diego have the highest quality of materials for employees to be comfortable.

Schedule a office chair San Diego chair fitting at our showroom.

Other locations supported: We ship selected ergonomic chairs on-line all over the U.S.