High Quality Demo Chairs for Sale- "AS-IS"

The following chairs are being recycled out of our demo chair program and are available for sale. These chairs are sold AS IS at prices that are greatly reduced.


We offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation with your Account Manager who can help understand your needs and recommend the right chair for you. Call 619-546-0872 to schedule this.

  1. Delivered to your home
    -If you live within 20 miles of our office deliveries will be scheduled in 1-4 days when we are making deliveries in that area with bags around them.
    -Prepay from our website
    -If you need a PO, we can send Quote where you can purchase using a PO.
    -You must be at your home to accept the chair delivery, as we do not want to leave on your doorstep.
  2. Showroom- By appointment only.Process:
    -Call Dan to schedule at 619-546-0872 Ext 110
    -We can show you the top two chairs your Account Manager recommended, while all parties are wearing masks. From there you can choose which one you would like and order online.

A quality ergonomic chair is so important and we hope that this program is very valuable for you at home!

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