Home Office Ergonomic Chairs- Quick Ship to Your Home

Home office ergonomic chairs

If you need an affordable ergonomic chair for your home office, Pacific Ergonomics provides free shipping anywhere in the U.S. to your home.

Home office ergonomic chairs vary widely. The following chairs are good quality, and affordably provide support and comfort while working at home.

Assembly: The chairs require assembly when you receive and each chair has directions on how to do this.

Customize a chair: You can also call to order a custom chair to fit your body and health requirements. Customized chairs range between $500-$800. 

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Investing in a quality home office ergonomic chair is important when you are working for hours at a time at home. The way you sit every day has a big effect on your health.

How to Choose the Correct Home Office Chair:

1. Determine how many hours a day you will be working at home.
If you are working at home for an hour or two hours a day, that is very different then you are working eight to ten hours a day- five days a week. Investing in a more expensive ergonomic chair with more adjustment and support makes sense if this is where you will be working each day.
-Many people order custom chairs if this will be your full-time work.

2. Mesh or Upholstered Back for Your Home Office Ergonomic Chair

Many people who enjoy mesh chairs tend to get hot easily. Mesh chairs enable more circulation, but typically have less support than a fully upholstered home office ergonomic chair.

3. Determine What Desk Will You Be Sitting At
If your desk is not height adjustable, you will need to make sure that your home office ergonomic chair can raise or lower to ensure that both feet are firmly on the ground and your arms are at a 90 angle.

4. What is the State of Your Body’s Health to Determine if a Custom Chair Makes More Sense than Purchasing an Off-The-Shelf Model

If you already have back, shoulder, neck or hip problems, Call 619-546-0872 to custom create a home office ergonomic chair that is designed to solve the challenges you have and designed to fit the size of the body that you have. Custom home office chairs will range between $500-$800 on average.

ERGO TIP: Make sure to adjust your chair so your arms are at a 90-degree angle. Use your armrests to break (not to lean on when typing) and make sure both feet are on the floor. If they are not, use a footrest, or a stand around your house to put your feet on.