Laptop Riser Solutions to Prevent Neck Strain

Laptop risers are designed to raise your laptop to prevent neck strain. It requires that you also use an external keyboard and mouse, which also has ergonomic benefits for your hand and wrist.

Did you know laptops should really only be used for a few hours at a time? Laptop risers allow users to work from a laptop for extended hours without discomfort or risk for injury.

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Laptops can be a useful and convenient tool for getting work done. Though functionally convenient, they are not designed with ergonomics or health in mind, making them uncomfortable and unsafe to use for an extended time.

The Benefits of Using a Laptop Riser

When using a laptop riser, the laptop is repositioned so that looking at the screen doesn’t require rounding of the back and leaning forward. Laptop risers essentially turn laptops into monitors by raising them to a proper height. This means that to get the best use out of a laptop riser a keyboard and mouse should be used. The combination of these three items creates a workstation that can be adjusted and offers more ability to sit comfortably than just using a laptop.

Laptop risers are great for users who like to work on the go as most laptop risers are designed for easy transportation and set up. They’re also incredibly helpful for at-home employees because not everyone has the option to set up a whole desk at home, but could easily obtain a keyboard, mouse and laptop riser.