Monitor Arms and Stands

Monitor arms and stands are ergonomic tools of great importance. So many people have ergonomic issues when it comes to their monitors, they can be too far away, unable to adjust to the proper height, or at an angle that is unfavorable.

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How to Use Monitor Arms

In order to adjust monitors to the best ergonomic position, the monitor should be arm’s length away with the top of the monitor level with your eyes and angled so images are most clear, this reduces strain on the eyes and neck.

Dual Monitor Arms

If you use both monitors an equal amount of time, set them in a way where you can look at both monitors simultaneously. You can angle them inward a little so as to avoid glare. If you find yourself preferring one monitor to the other, set up the preferred monitor directly in front of you with the second monitor angle off to the right, left, or even completely out of the way if hardly used. This way the user isn’t constantly straining their neck to look at the left or right monitor and instead can have their neck positioned to a more natural position.

Triple and Higher Monitor Arms

Similar to setting up dual monitor arms, triple monitor arms and higher can set up similarly. Keep the monitors equal to one another if each monitor is being used an equal amount of time. If certain monitors take precedence, angle them or yourself so you can look at them most naturally.

Laptop Holder Monitor Arms

If you’re using a laptop holder that attaches to a monitor arm, then you most likely are using your laptop screen as an additional monitor. This can be a little more tricky because laptop screens are often smaller than monitors. If you’re using your monitor and laptop equally, adjust the monitor arm so that the monitor and laptop split usage. If you prefer either your monitor or laptop more than the other, angle them so you’re more comfortably focused.