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Looking to purchase a commercial-grade standing desk for your home office?

Pacific Ergonomics provides high-quality standing desks that enable you to sit and stand throughout the day. The adjustability also helps create the proper posture when you are sitting for all heights, as you can raise or lower the desk. The products have 10-15 year warranties, are quiet, safe, and will work well for years to come.

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If you are a business who needs benching or height adjustable bases, tops, or desks for the office, click here or call 619-546-0872. 

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Desk Converters for Home Use:

Desk converters come in electric models, and they also have manual models where you have to lift each time manually. If you have any type of past back discomfort or problems, an electric converter is highly recommended.

Height Adjustable Desks for Homes Offices:

When looking for a home office height adjustable desk, they vary in quality drastically. You want to make sure the table can detect if it is running into a piece of furniture or a hand, so it doesn’t pinch. The ESI height-adjustable table is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality tables that are used at companies around the U.S.

What to Look for with a Height Adjustable Desk for Your Home Office:

1. Things to look for in a height-adjustable table is the range that it will go, how low and how high. The range should be wide for home use, particularly if multiple people will be using the table who might be of different sizes.

2. Look for pre-sets. Ergonomically, you want to set the seating position with your arms at 90 degrees and the standing position with your arms at 90 degrees. Then all you have to do when you want to sit or stand is push a button. If you don’t have this, the chances are high that you will not be working at the proper hand height, and that can create discomfort and injury.

3. Look for a height-adjustable desk with an extended warranty. There are all types of products flooding the market that are not designed to last. A height-adjustable office is used a lot if you sit and stand, so quality is important.

4. Two motors that operate the desk are not only quieter, but they help ensure that it can support a weight of up to 220 pounds. People start with one monitor, two monitors, three monitors, then bigger monitors, books, electronic equipment and who knows what will come in the future. All of this adds up to a lot of weight, so you want to make sure that your desk can support the weight. Cheaper models typically can not hold much weight.

5. Easy to assemble: The ESI height adjustable desk is one of the easiest bases to install in the market, taking only 8 minutes. Others on the market can take up to an hour to install, so if you don’t do this every day, easy of assembly is essential.