Sit to Stand Desks that Are Placed On Top of a Desk

First choice to sit and stand is to having a standing desk. In some cases an existing desk can be coverted to sit stand. In the situations where it can’t, sit stand desk converters are the next best alternative. You have to be careful in selecting the right one for your needs to ensure it provides a comfortable positioning.

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Pacific Ergonomics provides top of the line desk converters to ensure comfort, health, and productivity. Desk converters offer the option to sit or stand at heights more suitable for the user.

Working at the right height whether sitting or standing is crucial for combating injury or discomfort. Sit-stand converters can be adjusted so that a person’s body is positioned in a healthy way. When a working area isn’t intended for the user, the user has to sacrifice comfort and posture in order to fit into it.

Easy Placement

One great feature converters have to offer is easy placement. With the help of one other person, converters can be picked up and moved at the user’s convenience. This allows for easy storage if not being used or allows multiple users.

Easy placement also makes converters a great choice for home office users. It allows the at-home employee to make a desk out of any flat surface that can support its weight.

Electric Desk Converter

Electric converters plug into the wall and use a built-in remote to adjust to different heights. Some models have pre-set capabilities allowing you to save certain heights. This makes it easy to get to your perfect standing height as well as sitting.

Manual Converters

Manual converters are adjusted by hand. Models usually have one or two levers that allow adjustability when engaged. Although manual, designs have made it so adjusting is effortless and easy.