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Pacific Ergonomics can help determine the needs, procure the products  and install clean room solutions anywhere in California, with a laboratory showroom in San Diego. Call for a free consultation. 619-546-0872

Benefits of Our Clean Room Solutions:

• Clean Room Solutions – Think tank showroom in Escondido CA lets you see and touch our products
• Our clean room solutions can protect your product from contamination
• The world’s best-kept secret for quality clean room solutions
• Quality you can touch before you invest
• Partner with us for success at a fraction of the cost
• Reduce contamination, save time and money
• A consultation for better laboratory environments
• The experts in laboratory design and safety


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Important Considerations in a Laboratory Cleanroom:

  • Do you have the appropriate clean room pass through chambers to ensure your team is not have to waste time re-gowning to transport materials to another space?
  • Determining which side of a clean room chamber to lock, or if it should be both sides.
  • What ISO rating does the clean room need to adhere to? This will affect the laboratory storage, benching and seating options that are selected.
  • Do you have the correct type and size of clean room gowning benches and gown storage units?
  • Is your sink handsfree so employees can wash their hands without touching the lever?
  • Often clean rooms are cold, what types of strategy to keep employees warm?
  • Do you have comfortable and ergonomic clean room chairs that are cleanable and the correct height for your employees to work from?Clean room laboratory chairs are also rated depending on the requirements of the lab. Our team can help design the ideal clean room solutions that achieve your ISO goals and help ensure your employees are comfortable and productive. Call for a free consultation. 619-546-0872

ISO Clean Room Ratings:

The most common type of clean room laboratory is ISO 5 often used in pharmaceutical applications,  or ISO 7 when there is a lower level of sterility needs. These types of clean rooms can use clean room laminates and stainless steel to achieve goals. Many Tech labs also have clean room requirements to prevent dusty and particles from affecting the integrity of the equipment.

ISO 1 cleanrooms is not common, but exists. In these instances electropolished stainless steel tables and shelving is required for the most sensitive of labs. Common applications for ISO clean room 1 are life sciences and electronics that require nanotechnology or super-fine particulate processing.

ISO standards clean rooms

About Pacific Ergonomics and How we Can Help Your Clean Room Lab:
Pacific Ergonomics is located in the Historic District of Escondido on Grand Avenue. Our “Think tank” office and laboratory showroom enables our clients to collaborate in the design of their clean rooms, while also seeing the quality and options that are available. We provide full service support from understanding needs, design, CAD layout, ergonomic review and installation. We specialize in working with clean room laboratories in Southern California including San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. We can procure both office furniture and laboratory furniture with installation services for a one-stop shop experience.