Ergonomic Mice (Volume Pricing Available)

Pacific Ergonomics can provide mice in San Diego for your company of all different types. We provide volume discounts and private portals that you can set up for your company. This helps ensure that employees are purchasing high-quality ergonomic mice that will decrease their risk. Our team is here to help with total support and care.

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If you work in an office, a mouse may be one of your most-used tools. Mice can cause awkward movements that can lead to discomfort, pain, or injury.

What Makes a Mouse Ergonomic

A mouse is ergonomic if it aims to keep the user’s hand in a more natural “handshake” position. Ergonomic mice offer all of the functions a traditional mouse offers but are shaped in a way that requires less effort or strain. Pacific Ergonomics offers a variety of ergonomic mice to ensure users are the most comfortable they can be when getting their work done.

Challenges with Traditional Mice

Traditional mice aren’t designed with a natural posture in mind. When using a traditional mouse, the forearm and wrist are activated into an unnatural position. When done in repetition, discomfort, pain, or injury can occur.

Which Ergonomic Mouse is the best?

The short answer is there isn’t one. Whichever mouse helps the user feel more comfortable is the best. Someone may use a traditional mouse for years with no issues, and others may only be able to work if they use an ergonomic mouse. It’s time to consider an ergonomic mouse the moment you feel any discomfort in using a traditional mouse because that discomfort will only worsen, leading to injury.

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