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Reduce the risk of Nurse and cleaning staff injury in converting sofa sleepers to beds. The Aloe Sleeper Chairs are a superior product that appeals to Infection Control, Environmental Services, and Facilities professionals employed in the healthcare continuum.

The Aloe Sleeper Club Chair version combines the ease of use and intelligent design of the Aloe Sleeper Chair with stylish arms that create a relaxing and warm healthcare atmosphere.

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Overview of the Aloe Sleeper Club Chair:

A favorite with healthcare staff, the Aloe Sleeper Chairs effortlessly converts from a chair into a bed. With no mechanical parts, its intuitive design and easy handling mean anyone can open and close it without instruction or assistance. Simple to clean, Aloe Sleeper Chairs are constructed from one solid piece of metal, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs.

Problems that the Aloe Sleeper Chair solves:

  • Patient’s guests may be tired
  • Other sleep chairs may be difficult to use
  • Sanitation is vital for healthcare settings

Benefits of Using the Sleeper Chair:

  • Guests can sit or sleep
  • Easy set-up so no help or assistance is needed
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The Aloe Sleeper is Recommended for:

The Aloe Sleeper is great for any patient room as it offers patient’s guests the option to sit comfortably or unfold and sleep. Constructed of one piece of metal, its easy to open and close and designed with cleanability in mind.


  • Specifically designed for cleanability and infection control.
  • A minimalist mechanism comprised of one, stainless steel, highly durable spring.
  • Durable one-piece frame construction.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Locking casters.
  • Wall-saver design.
  • Replaceable parts.

The Aloe Sleeper Chair is the original version of this chair.

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