Backbone seat cushion

Backbone Seat Cushion

Unlike other cushions on the market, the BACKBONE seat cushion supports the spine from the middle instead of the low back.  This effortlessly engages your core muscles so that your head, shoulders, and hips are aligned.  It has a unique, patented THORACIC groove technology that no other product has.  This disperses pressure away from the spine and increases the firing of your core muscles to strengthen as you sit. Its closed-cell, therapeutic foam is specifically contoured and shaped to support the curves of the spine without blocking the shoulder blades or pushing you forward out of alignment. It has a double strap system with quick-release buckles that make it light, versatile, and easy to carry.

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Overview of the Backbone Seat Cushion:

The “BackBone” seat cushion is distinguished from anything else on the market by its hourglass structure that has a cut out for the shoulder blades thereby placing most of the postural force through the thoracic region and allowing the sternum to come forward. This creates a natural relaxation of the shoulders back which naturally allows the neck to sit directly on top of the shoulders. This helps to reduce anterior-posterior muscle imbalances along the neck, chest, shoulders, and back thus improving posture and decreasing muscle fatigue.

Benefits of Using the Backbone: 

  • Support – Provides great thoracic support and reduces neck strain.
  • Flexible – Can be used in the office, car, kitchen, and can fit almost any chair.
  • Easy to use – easy to use with no installation required
  • Lightweight – less the 1 pound and can be taken with you to use wherever you go!

The Backbone is Recommended for:

The WorkFit-TX is a great option for users who would like a desktop converter but need the adjustability of the keyboard tray. The medium size makes it a perfect fit in a home office as well.

The Backbone Seat Cushion is Recommended to Be Used with the Following Products:

  • Combine with the Equliliseat to make any chair comfortable

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 3 in


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