S-Board 840 Numeric Keypad

Bakker Elkhuizen S-Board Number Pad

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The Bakker Elhuizen S-Board 840 Number Pad is designed to work with the S-Board 840 compact keyboard. The S-board 840 Pad is suitable for users who work intensively with data input. This separate numeric addition has 26 different keys as well as a calculator function.


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Overview of the S-Board 840 Number Pad:

The BakkerElkhuizen S-Board 840 Number Pad is the matching number pad to the S-Board 840 keyboard but can be used with any setup. Helpful for users who often need a numeric pad but still want to keep a compact keyboard to avoid reaching for the mouse. Having a separate number pad allows the user to place the pad where best for them and the ability to took away when not using it.

Ergonomic Problems that the S-Board Number Keypad Solves:

  • Overreaching for the mouse can lead to discomfort
  • Discomfort prevents employees from focusing
  • Awkward repetitive motions can be harmful to the muscles, joints, and tendons

Benefits of Using the S-Board 840 Number Pad:

  • Use when necessary, remove when not in use
  • Place wherever feels most comfortable
  • Avoid discomfort and injury
  • Increase productivity

The S-Board Keypad is Recommended for:

This keypad is suitable for users who work with data entry. If you find yourself needing a numeric pad often, but don’t want the negative effects of having a full-sized keyboard, this keypad is best for you. Able to be used from wherever is best.


  • The design fits: with the S-board 840 compact keyboard
  • Including: hand-held calculator functionality
  • Smart: extendable USB cable
  • Quality: comfortable typing (shear mechanism instead of membranes)
  • Unique: 26 different keys on one number pad
  • Connection: USB

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