Bakker Elkhuizen S-Board 840

Bakker Elkhuizen S-Board 840

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The Bakker Elkhuizen S-Board 840 is a compact keyboard that removes the numeric keypad in order to bring the mouse closer to the body. This corrects overreaching for the mouse which avoids discomfort and injury. A numeric pad is optional.

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Overview of the S-Board Keyboard:

The BakkerElkhuizen S-Board 840 is a compact keyboard with an optional numeric pad that helps prevent repetitive mouse injuries by keeping the mouse in close proximity. Research shows that 90% of keyboard users seldom, if ever, use the numeric pad. This section is removed for Compact keyboards meaning the mouse can be placed closer in. Resulting in greater comfort because it reduces the reaching distance to the mouse. This puts less strain on the shoulder and forearm.

Ergonomic Problems that the S-Board Keyboard Solves:

  • Reduces strain on the wrist and arms
  • Allows for proper ergonomic placement
  • Lack of numeric pad allows the mouse to be closer, reducing overreach

Benefits of Using the S-Board Keyboard:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Keep workspace tighter
  • Avoid discomfort and injury
  • Helps improve productivity when working on the go

The S-Board 840 Keyboard is Recommended for:

This keyboard is great for users who are on the go and need a portable lightweight keyboard to accommodate a makeshift workspace. Typing from a laptop often puts the user in an uncomfortable position and this keyboard allows for a more natural and comfortable position. If you don’t use the numeric pad on your current keyboard, this keyboard is a great replacement.


  • Handy: Multimedia keys and 2 USB ports.
  • Optimal layout: Full-size keys, extra-wide space-bar and easy access arrow keys.
  • Numeric: Optional numeric pad available.
  • Ergonomic: Responsive typing feeling for touch typists.
  • Mobile: Only 0.8 inches thick and 1 lb.

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Video of the S-Board 840 Keyboard

The S-board 840 keyboard is a compact ergonomic mini keyboard for use with laptop and desktop PCs. This keyboard has conveniently placed navigation keys, an integrated numeric pad, a larger enter key, and two USB ports.

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