Bakker Elkhuizen Sit-Stand Desk Riser (Only 40 Left with Last Years Model)

$349.00 $290.00

It is good to change positions during your workday. It helps avoid physical complaints.

By alternating you relieve your back, neck and shoulders. With the Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Riser you don’t need to have a sit-stand desk.

The Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Riser always lets you work at the desired height. It can also be lifted onto and off the desk very easily. This platform fits any dining table or desk that is nonadjustable in height.

The platform has a simple gas spring construction that allows you to set it at any desirable height. Now you can always work with your screen and keyboard at the right height. With just one lever you can safely adjust the platform to the right height.

  • Easy and smooth: adjustable in height by integrated gas springs.
  • Unique: the adjustment mechanism maintains the center of gravity and prevents instability.
  • Convenient: standard integration with tablets and smartphones.
  • Height: 15 different adjustable positions.
  • Range: extra large adjustment range (150-500 mm) that will fit all users.
  • Simple: easy to operate with conveniently placed lever handles.
  • Functional: space for two screens/a monitor arm or a screen and a laptop.
  • Width 890 mm (35.04 inches)
  • Height 150 mm (5.91 inches)
  • Depth 590 mm (23.23 inches)
  • Weight 23.0 kg (811.3 ounces)

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