Number Cruncher Kit
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The built in document holder prevents neck strain when working on a laptop
Note book mice work well with laptop user
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Home Laptop Kit #4: Number Cruncher Kit


Is working from your laptop a pain in the neck? We can help. 

The BakkerElkhuizen Ergonomic Laptop Riser kit is ideal for people who work with numbers, papers and want to elevate their laptops. It is recommended to elevate your laptop to eye level, and use an external keyboard and mouse to reduce reach. This laptop kit will help reduce unnecessary strain and keep you productive!

This BakkerElkhuizen laptop kit includes: 

  1. BakkerElkhuizen ergonomic keyboard
  2. BakkerElkhuizen ergonomic number pad
  3. BakkerElkhuizen ergonomic adjustable laptop riser with six adjustments
  4. A BakkerElkhuizen integrated document holder to keep your neck in neutral postures and feeling good!
  5. A Verbatim wireless mouse designed to work on many types of surfaces such as Granite, wood glass desks etc. (Ideal for the practicality of working at home)


Did you know? Using a laptop in combination with an external keyboard and mouse increases productivity by 17%? 

This BakkerElkhuizen Laptop Riser Kit is Ideal for:

People who type, work with numbers, work with documents and want to feel good working from a laptop. Also if you are looking for high quality, an ergonomic recommended product that will last you for years, this is a great solution.

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The BakkerElkhuizen Laptop Riser Kit Includes the Q330 laptop riser with a Built-in Document Holder: 

  • The BakkerElkhuizen ERGO-Q 330 is a thin notebook stand with 6 positions to adjust your laptop to the right height.
  • SIX height settings ranging from 4.3 – 7.5 inches.
  • INTEGRATED document holder which will help increase data input speed.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT portable and folds flat to fit in any notebook case.
  • NOTEBOOK stand used in combination with an external keyboard and mouse increases productivity by 17%

BakkerElkhuizen Laptop Riser Kit includes a Compact S-Board 840 Keyboard 

  • S BOARD 840 Design USB compact ergonomic keyboard for use with laptop and desktop PCs. Conveniently placed navigation keys, multimedia keys, a larger enter key, and two USB ports.
  • PERFECT to use remotely or to work with at home.
  • SCISSOR MECHANISM gives the S board 840 has a light key touch. The keyboard is comprised of non-reflective light-grey keys.
  • COMPACT SHAPE allows the user to reach less far for the mouse which reduces strain. The keyboard also curbs mouse use because of the specific function keys, for actions such as cutting and pasting.

BakkerElkhuizen Number Pad:

  • This kit INCLUDES the optional 840 numeric pad which attaches easily to the keyboard using one of the extra USB ports.

BakkerElkhuizen Trapezium Foam Wrist Rest:

  • Ergo standard wrist rest follows the natural arm and wrist position
  • Dimensions: 0.59″H x 19.2″W x 3.14″D
  • Comes in black color
  • Form: Trapezium
  • Hygienic antibacterial surface
  • Comfortable soft and firm cushioning gel supports wrists
  • Ergonomic design
  • Soft wrist rest can result in fixation of the wrist, which in turn results in even greater muscle strain
  • Weight: 1.08 lbs.

Verbatim Wireless Notebook Mouse with Blue LED To Work on Any Surface-like Granite or Glass Desks

Work anywhere in your home with the Verbatim Wireless Multi-Trac Blue LED Optical Mouse. The comfort-grip shape provides ease of use while Blue LED technology allows users to point and click on more surfaces than other mice – from a glass table, your bedroom desk, to the granite kitchen counter! The small nano receiver can be stored in the battery compartment, offering convenient storage and portability. (It takes 1 AA battery)

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Right Hand Mouse

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Convert an existing chair for comfort, Decrease repetitive motion to mouse, Elevate laptop to prevent neck strain, Eliminate pain from laptop use, Improve Posture, Mouse & keyboard to reduce wrist discomfort