BE Safety Screen
BE Safety Screen

BE Safety Screen


Sitting safely and securely behind your desk has become essential.

The BE Safety Screen makes keeping a safe distance easy and safe while also reducing visual and auditory distractions.

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Overview of the BE Safety Screen:

The BE Safety Screen is aesthetically pleasing, hygienic, affordable, sustainable, and recyclable. With the BE Safety Screens U-shape you create a healthy, protected personal workplace. You can equip the screen with or without acrylic windows. These windows are removable for cleaning.

Problems that the BE Saftey Screen Solves:

  • New social standards require 6 feet between individuals
  • Open floor plans can be distracting
  • Workers unable to focus may become stressed

Benefits of Using this Safety Screen:

  • Keep employees safe and secure
  • Give an open floor open individual workspaces
  • Helps avoid visual and auditory distractions
  • Fewer distractions allow for better productivity

The Saftey Screen is Recommended for:

Safety screens are a great way to create individual work areas for an open office space. They allow for fewer distractions and help with blocking out sound. These screens are recommended for open space offices and with the current focus on sanitation, these privacy screens keep employees healthy and safe.


  • Petvilt walls: 100% circular – made from recycled materials and recyclable
  • We provide your safety, privacy, and acoustic solution in a sustainable way. It’s not just good for you, but good for the environment too.
  • Petvilt gives you complete privacy when you need to concentrate.
  • The acoustic advantages of Petvilt offer a B scored noise pollution reduction, ideal for the open-plan office environment
  • This affordable, multifunctional solution will not be out of place in any office space and each desk can be fully set-up in just a couple of minutes.