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Height Adjustable Benching Workstations

We have benching workstation solutions, with optional height-adjustable tables.

We can help you with your layout and configurations. Quote is customized based on your specs. Call us at 619-546-0872 to get started!

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Overview of Benching Workstations:

Benching Workstations integrate height adjustability, built-in power and data, and more options for open-plan
environments. There are two handset options – standard up/down controls or an upgrade option with four memory
presets. With a wide variety of customization, contact Pacific Ergonomics to find the perfect specifications for you.

Ergonomic Problems that the Benching Workstations Solves:

  • Sitting in a static position can be bad for posture
  • Bad posture can lead to serious injuries
  • Discomfort or pain decreases productivity
  • Employees may be envious if only a few in the office have sit-stand desks

Benefits of Using Benching Stations:

  • Break out of static position with the ability to stand
  • Avoid discomfort, pain, and injury
  • Avoid product envy within employees
  • Keep productivity high

These Workstations are Recommended for:

Offices looking to supply all of their employees with their health and ergonomics in mind. Benching stations are a great way to set up the layout of an office in a way that works best for the group.


  • Integrated height adjustability and power/data
  • 3 Leg options, including 1-stage (fixed), 2-stage and 3-stage legs with anti-collision functionality
  • Specify as single or double run
  • Soft cable management with 3 duplex option
  • Standard up/down controls or 4-memory preset upgrade
  • Privacy End Panels
  • C-Leg Design

Another great consideration for office layouts are Cubicles, which can also be customized to fit your area best