Big Boss BT Ergonomic Chair

Big Boss Bariatric Ergonomic Chair

The Big Boss bariatric ergonomic chair is designed for all-day use regardless of who uses the chair, supporting up to 500lbs. With bariatrics in mind, this chair is designed to keep users comfortable and properly supported.

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Big Boss Bariatric Ergonomic Chair Features:

  • Complete Back Support: Thoracic and sacral cradles merge into a lumbar crest.
  • PressureCast Seat Foam: PressureCast foam cushions are used rather than cut foam to ensure seating comfort. Upholstery contours are retained during the life of the chair. Your chair lasts longer and feels better.
  • Intuitive QuickBack: This allows you to move the backrest through an unprecedented 6″ range in 27 increments. Fingertip control positions the lumbar bolster exactly where you need it. The visible lever encourages adjustment.

Back Support: 
The Big Boss BT Ergonomic Chair is designed for tough, using “heat-treated alloy that will never bend or break.” The contour of the back gives exceptional lumbar and thoracic support for all-day use and support, while its ratchet system allows for 8 different height adjustments so each user’s back is supported just where it needs to be.

Big Boss Ergonomic Seat:
The BT seat has a size of 24″Wx22″D and supports 300lbs+ easily. If the user can fit between the arms, then this chair will support their weight, with a manufacturer warranty to back it up.  It is engineered with a reinforced back and seat structure, in addition to more foam cushions. The cushion seat is made from ViscoElastic memory foam making it extremely comfortable for people who have pressure sensitivity like fibromyalgia.

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