Capisco Lab Saddle Stool

Capisco Forward Leaning Stool- Great for Fume Hood Work

The Capisco Lab Saddle Stool is ideal ergonomic solution for laboratory work that requires prolonged sitting with precision work. This stool is configured with Healthcare Grade Vinyl that is antimicrobial, antibacterial and easy to clean.

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The Capisco Lab Saddle Stool has an ergonomic dynamic design and shape give the user as many comfortable seating options as the job demands, Users are able to lean forward, backward, sideways – and always provides ergonomic support to the body.

Three Common Uses for a Capisco Saddle Stool

  1. Lab saddle stools can be used when the space is limited under the counter as a result of machinery or storage. Instead, the user can lean into the chair with both feet on the ground.
  2. Foot rings are not needed when leaning forward on the chair, which can be a benefit to ensure proper posture.
  3. Ideal when working with small items, leaning forward with back support.
  4. Lab technicians who work under hoods for prolonged periods of time can straddle the stool and receive back support, while also making it easier to visually see items at a closer distance.

Overview of the Capisco Stool

The Capisco lab stool  was awarded “the classic award for design excellence” by the Norwegian Design Council in 2001. The chair has been being used in labs frequently to solve specific ergonomic challenges.

The Saddle Stool design that can be leaned on in a forward position lends its success to its ability to allow the spine to find its natural curvature.

  • The Capisco Lab Saddle Stool seat design allows your spine to find its natural curvature and even supports sitting backward

If you are looking for a lab stool with a ring: Vinyl CL45EZ lab stool

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Patented Balanced-Movement-Mechanism
Seat and back tilts
Backward tilt tension
Dual-position tilt lock
Adjustable seat depth
Adjustable back height
Optional black, silver or white foot base with arched and ribbed foot massage curvature ends
Optional soft casters for hard floors that break when seated or soft casters that break when NOT seated
300 lb. weight capacity
Factory Warranty
Meets or exceeds ANSI-BIFMA standards