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Circular Dual Monitor Arm for Home


Did you know that the misalignment of monitors has a direct effect on your posture? Using a monitor arm, you can raise your monitor to eye level easily and quickly. In this way, you automatically adopt an upright posture and avoid neck and shoulder complaints.


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Overview of the Caparo Twin Monitor Arm:

The R-Go Caparo Twin Monitor Arm is a sustainable solution for working with two monitors. Both hinge arms make the monitors individual easily adjustable in-depth and swiveled. You can adjust the monitors in height separately. Using Dynamic Counterbalance Technology a monitor with weight up to 13 lbs is easily adjustable in height with one hand.

Ergonomic Problems that the Caparo Twin Monitor Arm Solves:

  • Monitors often aren’t positioned correctly
  • Improperly placed monitors can lead to straining of the neck and eyes
  • Constant strain causes chronic injury
  • Discomfort and injury reduce productivity

Benefits of Using the Caparo:

  • Allows for proper placement
  • Relieve strain or discomfort on the neck and eyes
  • Avoid injury and pain
  • Help keep users productive

This Monitor Arm is Recommended for:

This monitor arm is recommended for users who feel discomfort from looking at their monitors. These monitor arms are also a great option for home offices.


Model: Monitor Arm
Capacity (in kg): 6.6 – 19.5 lbs
Desk mount: 2-in-1: clamp : Top Edge Clamp (standard), Grommet Clamp
Other options: Features an intuitive rotation-stop. Captures and routes cables out of sight. Installs toolless and operates effortlessly
VESA: 75×75 mm and 100×100 mm


Type of spring: Gas spring
Adjustable in depth: Yes
Adjustable in height: Yes
Tilt: 40°
Rotation: 360°
Swivel: 180°
Height range (up to VESA centre): 6.25 – 25.15 in
Depth range: 7.85 – 23.2 in

The Caparo Twin Monitor Arm is Recommended to Be Used with the Following Products:

Additional information

Back Support Desired

Adjust monitor an arms length away, Adjust monitor higher/lower, Raise Monitor to Eye Level


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