Colorful lab benching in San Diego, OC, and Los Angeles

Colorful Lab Benching

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Colorful laboratory benching is the newest trend in laboratory design. After all, who said that a lab has to be black and white? Adding color to the laboratory helps make employees feel great and promotes a sense of well being and joy in the lab. See below for the color options of lab benching, including height adjustable frames.

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Colorful Laboratory Benching in Southern California can design, implement and install colorful laboratory benching anywhere in Southern California, including San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Our frame finishes can be in a variety of colors from red, blue, grey, tan and even customized if there is another color that you would prefer.

  • You can also use these colors to match your existing benches.
  • These frames can be peg height adjustable or electric height adjustable.
Colorful lab benching

Add a Colorful Laboratory Bench and a Matching Colorful Ergonomic Lab Stool

Colorful laboratory benching can be effectively designed with colorful ergonomic lab seating solutions. has the widest select of ergonomic lab chairs and stools in Southern California. Many of these stools have accent colors that you can match with your colorful lab benching. Adding color to a laboratory not only looks great, but it helps employees feel good too! Studies have shown color to help promote a sense of well being and can greatly influence the mood of employees.

With laboratory workers always working in white and black, wouldn’t it be wonderful to mix it up. Add the colors of your logo, add colors that promote a sense of well being like green and blue.

Click here to learn more about how color can affect how an employee feels.

Bright and cheery laboratory benching in San Diego, Orange county and Los Angeles