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Control Room 24×7 Ergonomic Chair – with a 24 Hour Warranty


Pacific Ergonomics provides the Control Room chair to all of San Diego. Call 619-546-0872 for more information.

The 24Centric Control room ergonomic chair is designed for 24×7 intensive use. Command centers include police stations, 911 centers, dispatch and process control rooms where employees are working multiple shifts of employees sitting in the chairs all day long.

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The Control Room 24Centric Ergonomic Chair has one of the best warranties in the industry for 24×7 chairs. A lifetime warranty is included, with five years for mechanisms, arms, foam and fabric. A 24×7 ergonomic chair for a Command Center is important to have when the chair is being used all day long by multiple people. Protect your investment of chairs in a command center, and also protect employees from discomfort and injury.

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How the Control Room 24×7 Chair is Different?

This chair was created and designed to be a 24×7 chair, versus retrofitting a few parts on an existing ergonomic chair to turn it into a 24×7. This chair was built for this use, and this use only. In addition, the headrest is unprecedented in it’s controls. Often employees working long hours will be required to take rest breaks and enjoy being able to close their eyes in comfort wiht a headrest, which is cleanable and can be used for multiple people.

Need a Comfortable 24×7 Chair for Your San Diego Control Room?

The Control Room ergonomic chair is extremely comfortable with large and small seat options. The seat is built with a eight ply hardwood seat structure and has a patented 5″ back height adjustment system.

Looking for a Ergonomic Evaluation of your San Diego Control Room? Call Pacific Ergonomics.

Our trained and certified ergonomists can provide individual and group ergonomic assessments in San Diego  for employees at your command center to ensure that your employees don’t get hurt while working, are comfortable and are most productive. Fill out this form for a free consultation.

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Additional information

Back Rest

·   Bolstered Fabricated Polyurethane Foam

·   21” wide by 26” high

·   5" Patented Back Height Adjustment System

·   Fully Upholstered Dual Curved Backrest


• Dual curve design
• Eight ply hardwood seat structure
• Tailored upholstery on seat pan
(21"w x 20"d)


Air Lumbar for Lower Back Support, Air Thoracic for Upper Back Support, Patented Adjustable Headrest