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Cubicles – Private or Semi-Private Workstations

Planning for a new space, or just looking to change your existing office layout?

We have perfect cube options for your space! Let us know how many workstations you would like to accommodate, and we will help you with your layout and cubicle configurations. We will need some additional information and measurements, so please contact us for your request. 619-546-0872

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Overview of Cubicles Private or Semi-Private Workstations:

Cubicles allow you to create private or semi-private work areas, perfect for increasing employee productivity and improving morale. Cubicles make it easy to reconfigure your offices to accommodate a dynamic and changing work environment as well as sound-dampening and employee privacy. If your business makes 1 call a day or tens of thousands, cubicles can help noise-bleed. A good cubicle system is an investment in your business. If you change locations – that’s perfectly okay! You can take your COE cubicles with you, versus building out private offices, which are not mobile.

Problems that Cubicles Private or Semi-Private Workstations Solves:

  • Open spaces can be distracting
  • Noise from offices can be disrupting
  • Private offices can be permanent

Benefits of Using the Cubicles Private or Semi-Private Workstations:

  • Structure workspaces in a way that works for the office
  • Eliminate visual or auditory disruption
  • Keep productivity high

Cubicles are Recommended for:

Cubicles are a great way to combat the current climate of social distancing, keep employees safely separated as well as more productive by keeping audio and visual distractions at a minimum.


  • Some Quickship options are available in as little as 2 weeks!
  • Panel heights range 39″ – 85″ tall.
  • Many fabric and laminate options to choose from, and 3 frame colors.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to reconfigure and mobile for easy relocation.
  • We may even be able to incorporate some of your existing furniture and equipment.
  • Also available with height-adjustable tables.
  • Contact us for your quote! 619-546-0872
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