Citrus Stool for clean rooms

Cubis CLEAN Room Chairs and Stools – ISO Class 3

The Citrus clean room stool is simple, fresh and clean. It is seamless and hygienic making it easy to disinfect. Its puncture resistant foam and anthracite shell enable the product to have a 10 year warranty with three shifts a day.

Citrus clean room series

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Built for Med-Tech- Cubis Clean Room Chairs and Stools

-ISO Class 3 in accordance with ISO 14644-1
-ESD Compatible
-Adheres to BSL1-, BLS2 and BSL3 of Directive for Biological Agents
-Comfortable and light making it easy to move with ease
-Easy cleaning and disinfection with minimal joint hygienic design
-One touch height adjustment
-Forward edge flexes forward making it ideal for forward leaning working positions to prevent pressure and increase circulation
-Puncture resistant
-Chrome Foot ring
-Seamless Anthracite Shell for Sanitation
-Anti-bacterial Foam
-Multi-surface dual wheel casters
-Robust and durable polyamide backrest for Med-Tech
-10 year warranty for three shifts a day
Citrux clean room chairs and stools

Seamless Design is Easy to Disinfect

Seamless clean room design

Only Buy One Clean Room Chair- Go from Chair to Stool

The Cubix has a unique optional capability with an extended range for med-tech environments that need a chair and a stool. This saves money by only buying one chair.
-Can support a 30 inch bench and then move over to a 36 inch bench with the same chair.
-Heights more than 36″ would need to be configured differently

Go from clean room chair to a stool

Colors with Labels on the Back of the Stool

If you want to make sure that the stools remain in the correct areas, they can be easily color coded and even labeled.
Colorful clean room chairs

Applications for the Clean Room Stools and Chairs

  • Nursing stations
  • Clean Rooms
  • Teaching Labs
  • Hospitals
  • ESD environments
  • Clinical Labs
  • Research Labs
  • Exam Rooms
Nightingale Award for Excellence- Silver

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