Anti vibration solutions
Anti-vibration benching solutions

The Defender-Anti-Vibration Isolation Portable Top

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Pacific Ergonomics ships anti-vibration laboratory bench tops, and/or anti-vibration balance tables designed for highly calibrated equipment anywhere in the U.S.A. This helps increase productivity, reduce errors and improve morale in the laboratory where highly calibrated equipment is being used.

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Anti-Vibration Defender Lab Bench Top for Existing Benches

The Defender Anti-Vibration lab bench top enables companies to maintain their existing investment of benching, and add an additional top that dampens vibration.  This carefully engineered epoxy top sits  on top of existing benches where vibration is a concern.

  • The standard size for this application is 22″ x 18″ width.
  • The anti-vibration top is 2.5″ thick.

Mobile and Portable Anti-Vibration Bench Solutions:

When highly calibrated instruments are being used in different parts of the laboratory, it is helpful to have a portable bench top that can accommodate this need. Instead of equip the entire laboratory with anti-vibration balance tables, portable units can be leveraged by multiple users that don’t have a full-time need.