Glass wall offices in San Diego
Demountable glass walls in San Diego
Maximize space with reusable glass modular walls
San Diego glass modular walls

Create Soundproof, Attractive Private Offices and/or Conference Spaces

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Demountable glass walls in San Diego can be used to create new private offices for employees to be productive, healthy and safe while working.

What Type of Private Office and/or Conference Space Do You Need?

  • Open feeling in the office with total sound protection?
    -The STC rating is the average amount of noise stopped at 18 different frequencies, measured in decibels.
  • Maintain the look of the rest of your office that has glass wall offices?
  • Keep employees happy with the prestige and comfort of their own office in a tight space
  • Enable light to come into the space in a windowless environment

Subsequently, implementation of private offices can be done in days, versus weeks and months for a fraction of the cost. Lastly, architects, engineers and permits are not required making it faster and easier to put in place.

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