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The ErgoGo Laptop riser enables a user to convert a laptop into a sitting or a standing position. For maximum comfort, this isn’t designed to be used all day, (it is always better ergonomically to use a keyboard than the laptop) but rather to solve many unique problems that arise when employees have laptops and computers.


-This can be an ideal solution to use in a small space where there is not another option than having a laptop. This enables the user to prevent static sitting.
-Some companies have laptops where the employees interface with guests. This provides the option to sit, stand and ensure the height is aligned with the employee’s hand working height.
-This can be used in a secondary desk area. If the main desk isn’t height-adjustable, perhaps another of the office can have a small desk that the user can stand during the day.
-There some work settings that require a laptop in standing and sitting position without continuous typing. This solution is ideal.

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Product Features:

  • Laptop tray rises from its minimum height of 1/8″ to a maximum height of 17.75″
  • Push Button Height Adjustment
  • Motorized Lift
  • Vertical tray slide adjustment
  • Premium T-Molding for ultimate sturdiness
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Low wattage requirement
  • Patent Pending

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